New products extend the application flexibility of AMR

ROEQ mobile robotic equipment allows RARUK Automation to team its range of MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot) autonomous mobile robots (AMR) with handling accessories to meet customers’ individual application needs.  AMRs can be customised with bins, racks, lifts and conveyors and several new products have now been added to the range of available options.

Each MiR can be customised with a ROEQ module enabling the AMR to move bins, racks or shelves.  While other ROEQ options allow MiR to lift products, or act as a flexible conveyor system, several new products have now been added to the choice of available options. RARUK Automation offers a fleet of the flexible and easy-to-program collaborative AMR from MiR for the transportation of both heavy and light loads that help industry increase operational efficiency.  Collectively, the new ROEQ products complement the entire range.

The four new top roller modules are the TR125 Manual 250 for the MiR250 robot which allows for manual height adjustment.  With the TR125 Auto 250, goods can be picked up and dropped off at different heights thanks to its innovative automatic scissor mechanism. And the TR500 Auto and TR1000 Auto provide the larger MiR models with a built-in lifting mechanism.

All the new roller modules are naturally GuardCom compatible, the new ROEQ wi-fi free AMR communication system that makes the transfer of goods between stationary conveyor systems much more reliable.  RARUK Automation has also confirmed that all ROEQ top roller models in its established range have also been upgraded to take advantage of this development.